a spiritually aligned botanical wellness brand that brings ancestral knowledge to a new generation.

And when we (to use Alice Walker’s lovely phrase) go in search of our mothers’ gardens, it’s not really to learn who trampled on them or how or even why—we usually know that already. Rather, it’s to learn what our mothers planted there, what they thought as they sowed, and how they survived the blighting of so many fruits.
— Sherley Anne Williams

Our Mission

Our products are focused on bringing you back to being centered with nature.

Growing up, it was nearly impossible to find hair and skin care products that were created for my hair and skin. The few that existed were made with chemicals like formaldehyde and were formulated to straighten my hair texture and lighten my skin. Naturaliste Apothecary is a spiritually aligned beauty and wellness brand that focuses on providing products that are designed with our health and wellness in mind. 


Our Story

Naturaliste Apothecary is influenced by the legacy of African-American roots women and midwives, like our ancestor Louisiana Farris, who provided herbal remedies to their communities during slavery and segregation. This knowledge was passed down from mother-to-daughter for generations. The desire to preserve the cultural practices of our family and cultivate a legacy for future generations is interwoven into the fabric of our company. Using the knowledge of these women combined with the technology of today, Naturaliste Apothecary brings ancestral medicine to the modern world. We seek to uplift our community who continue to inspire us to love ourselves unconditionally.



You can feel the love when you use Naturaliste Apothecary products. I took one whiff of the Regenerative hair oil and was taken back to those midnight braiding sessions my mother would have with my sisters and I. The calming smell of lavender mixed with the deeply nostalgic scent of black seed oil was not only nourishing to the spirit but did wonders for my anxiety. Not to mention the nourishing effect on my hair. As a hijabi, my hair is constantly covered by various types of fabric which leaves it visibly dry at the end of a busy day. The product brought my hair back to life. Naturaliste Apothecary’s regenerative hair oil is self care.
— Hanan D.
I’ve been using the Regenerative Beard Oil for a few months and right away my beard and hair felt softer. Over the last couple of weeks my curls got tighter and more defined and I feel like my hair falls out less. Hair products aren’t made readily available for hair like mine, so finding one that is created exactly for my hair type is amazing! Also, it smells great in a really natural way, it’s reminiscent of the spices I grew up with.
— Adam M.

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