And when we (to use Alice Walker’s lovely phrase) go in search of our mothers’ gardens, it’s not really to learn who trampled on them or how or even why—we usually know that already. Rather, it’s to learn what our mothers planted there, what they thought as they sowed, and how they survived the blighting of so many fruits.
— Sherley Anne Williams

Rooted in a desire to heal and a deep connection with the earth, Naturaliste Apothecary brings ancestral knowledge to a new generation. 


Naturaliste Apothecary is rootwork for the modern creative. Our products are focused on bringing you back to being centered with nature. Growing up, it was nearly impossible to find hair and skin care products that were created for my hair and skin. The few that existed were made with chemicals like formaldehyde and were formulated to straighten my hair texture and lighten my skin.  There was a time when everything that touched our skin was made by us.  This ancestral wisdom led me to a practice of creating my own products. Naturaliste Apothecary is a spiritually aligned beauty and wellness brand that focuses on providing products that are designed with our health and wellness in mind. 

Amina Maya

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Naturaliste Apothecary