Charging Your Jewelry with Crystals

Crystals and gems have always been significant in my life, but I recently have noticed a huge impact in my life by wearing them in the form of jewelry. I recently picked up these two rings for their healing properties as well as their beauty. 

The green one, is made from Malachite and brass. Not only is malachite a beautiful stone, but it also has incredible healing properties. It's a protective stone that clears negative energies. Also known as the "midwife stone" it's eases menstrual pain and even child labor. 

The white one is made from Howlite and brass.  I love this one because it looks like a full moon. It is great for mental clarity and peace. I love wearing this one when I have a huge test or project coming up because it helps me get things done!

No matter what gem you wear, it's always a good idea to clear the energy of that stone. When we wear a stone, it can pick up all of the energy we interact with over the course of the day. By placing your jewelry on a stone like amethyst or selenite and placing it under direct sunlight or moonlight, you are allowing the properties of the stone to be cleared and restored.