How to Stay Spiritually Rooted When Traveling Abroad


Travel can bring new insights, clarity and cultural experiences to your life, however the constant change can can make it difficult to stay grounded. After traveling for almost half of this year, I’ve realized that there are many ways to stay spiritually sound while on foreign ground.

Always bring incense or a stick of sage

Whenever I go somewhere new I always bring a stick of sage, incense ( dragons blood is my favorite for clearing) or smudge spray. It's important whenever you stay in new space to cleanse it it of any negative energy or attachments. This also allows me to clear and protect my own energy when I feel overwhelmed.


Check Your Astrocartography chart

One thing that I recently started doing before I travel is checking my astrocartography chart for the city that I'm visiting. Each city has its own energy and its own frequency that will affect you depending on your birth chart. I have had my in depth chart done for the cities that I've lived in from here, but for places I'm planning short term travel I like this one from It's super important to understand your unique astrological relationship with the city your visiting so you can prepare for how it might manifest during your trip. For example, my Pluto line runs right through Paris. While most people find it a charming and romantic city, I found the energy to be extremely intense and somewhat dark to me at times, but this is because of the way that my astrological chart lines up with the city. Reading your chart for the city your visiting might save you some confusion further down the line. 


Travel prayers

Whenever I get on a plane/train/bus/taxi I always say a little prayer for the journey. This may seem simple but it gives me great piece of mind, especially on longer trans-atlantic flights. Prayer and meditation help me to find my center no matter where in the world I am, and allow me to connect with myself on a deeper level.


Clear your jewelry, often

Chances are you're going to be surrounded by and interacting with more people than usual and it's always a good idea to clear your jewelry from all of the things it picks up during the day. I wrote a post on how you can clear your jewelry with crystals, but you can also use moon or sunlight. 

When buying jewelry on your travels it’s important to energetically clear it before you wear it. The intention of the person selling it, the energy of everyone around it and as well as the person who made are all stored in the object. Cleansing allows you to wear your new piece with peace of mind. As with everything, trust your intuition. If you ever pick up a piece of jewelry and feel energetically repulsed, put it back.


Carry small crystals with you

Carrying small crystals on you when traveling will help provide stability when moving around new and unfamiliar places. Here are a few of my favorites for traveling:

  • Howlite will help you stay clear headed and alert during your trip.

  • Malachite is known to keep travelers protected.

  • Moonstone will help with long journeys, especially over water.

  • Amethyst is calming and grounding.

  • Black Tourmaline offers powerful protection and grounding.


Thank the land you're staying on

Whenever you visit a new land, remember that you are a guest. Saying a prayer and thanking the earth and those who took care of it before you is always a good idea. Each land has a unique energetic pattern, and many places have spirits who watch over the land. Be respectful to the locals, ask permission before you take anything from the Earth, and be mindful of your ecological impact.