A Guide to Cleansing Soul Ties and Clearing Energetic Cords

[Photograph of a woman holding a burning stick of sage and a wooden bowl in her hands.]

[Photograph of a woman holding a burning stick of sage and a wooden bowl in her hands.]

There is an etheric cord connecting each one of use. Every person you’ve met has a cord connecting them to you. Depending on the nature of the relationships these cords can be thick or thin, strong or weak. Cords connect our energy centers to the other person at different points of our body. When we assess the energetic cords we have with another person, we learn about the nature of the relationship and the energy that is being exchanged.

Visualization exercise:

Close your eyes, taking deep breaths and relaxing your body. Quiet your thoughts and imagine your energy body. Notice the light coming from your chakras or energy centers. Now imagine the other person. View them not in a physical sense but in an energetic sense. Image both of your energy bodies on the same energetic plane and focus on the kind of cords connecting you two. What part of your body is the cord coming from and which part is the cord connected to them? A relationship with active communication could have a cord going from the head or the throat. Notice the thickness, color, length and health of the cord. Watch how the energy moves through the cord, and observe how it makes you feel. Take notes on your experience.

This exercise is a way to illustrate the energetic cords that connect us. Our thoughts carry power, and oftentimes you can feel when someone is directing a strong negative emotion or thought towards you. For example, when I’m feeling strong emotions towards someone, I will stop the question the energy I am sending that person. If it is jealousy, rage or sabotaging thoughts I pull the negative energy out of the cord. I will “cleanse” the cord, washing away the residue of jealousy or rage. It's important to do further introspection into the root of these emotions. When we project our anger towards another person, we are masking a deeper insecurity. When we take time to question the emotional energy we send to others, we examine its roots in our subconscious. This act of introspection prevents unnecessary discord in our personal relationships

Cleansing soul ties is a part of energetic maintenance. When we clear past resentments from the cords of our relationships, we renew our energetic communication.