Rituals of Intimacy: Cleansing Soul Ties

 photo by Makena Gadient

photo by Makena Gadient

Every relationship we have contains an exchange of energy. When we interact with another person, especially on an intimate level we are allowing them to access our energy and they are doing the same. This allows us to connect deeply and make ourselves truly vulnerable and open. This  exchange can be a beautiful experience and it's one of the most amazing parts of intimacy. However, if this exchange is abused or not consciously disconnected after the relationship is over, that energy exchange could still be going on.  

Constantly thinking about someone or replaying past memories from the relationship are all ways that you could be subconsciously tapping into the energy of the other person. It's important that after you have come to a place where you are ready to move on from that relationship that you physically cut the cord from it.  

Cord cutting is a visualization technique that can be used to stop the energy exchange or extraction from a past relationship. This technique is something that can be used days, months or years after a relationship has ended.

In order to be able to cut ties you need to make sure you're in a place where you are ready to handle it. I would recommend doing this at a quite and relaxed time in a space that you feel safe and comfortable in.