Color Therapy: Blue

Ritual of Clarity-9523.jpg

As a designer I consider color to be a huge aspect of my daily life. The colors that surround me affect my mood, thoughts, feelings and decisions. Whenever I am creating something I think about the conscious and subconscious effects of using that color and choose accordingly. For Rituals of Clarity, I actually started with the color light blue and built the rest of the workshop around the energy associated with it. In conjure tradition  a light blue candle is associated with Gemini, which is the sign the the New Moon is going to be in. Light blue candles represent understanding, collected thoughts, calmness and the power to perceive. I when I read up on the properties of light blue in crystal use as well as the vibrational frequencies associated with it I knew it was what I needed to focus on for my ritual alter. 

Ritual of Clarity-9520.jpg

Light blue is the color of calm, clarity and communication. Blue corresponds to Vishuddha, the throat chakra, which deals with communication and our ability to express ourselves. When this chakra is out of balance it manifests as disease it can lead to issues of the throat, vocal chords or thyroid. The feeling of a blocked or unbalanced throat chakra can feel like powerlessness, because it feels like your voice is taken away. The voice and sound are one of the most powerful tools of manifestation in the universe, and so an inability to properly use them is crucial. 

Light blue is also the color of several different crystals. Blue Kyanite, Blue Calcite, Celestite, and Sodalite all have a beautiful, soft blue color to them. To read more about these crystals and their individual properties check out this post.