Rituals of Clarity: Seattle Sound Healing

Sound healing is a beautiful way to ground, center and heal yourself. Being able to participate in group sound healing events is an even more powerful experience. I am always on the lookout for sound healing experiences in Seattle and luckily there are quite a few happening this month. Here is my compilation of sound healing events happening in the city. 

Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing

"The Voice as an Instrument for Healing and Transformation

Ines Maricle and Susan DuMett are professional sound healers and vocalists who use voice as a tool for personal and collective transformation. Hear how they both got started in this work and learn principles and practices around vocal sound healing and how it differs from singing bowls or other instruments. Susan and Ines will also lead the group in a sound healing exercises and offer a sampling of what they do. You will leave the event feeling inspired and refreshed with a deeper understanding of the wonderful healing potential of voice work--and with a few practices you can incorporate into your own work and care. 

Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2978207"

Rough Ground Drumming Workshop w/Chookensha

"Enjoy a community-led Native American drumming workshop open to the public.
Bring your handheld percussion instruments if you have them. If not, bring your voice, your spirit and the desire to share in a positive flow of rhythmic energy! Participants in this circle/workshop are also welcome to perform in concert with Philadelphia poet, Sha'Ifa Mami Watu in her workshop-to-performance production "Rough Ground", on Friday 6/9, at 7pm in Seattle's historic Washington Hall.

Circle/workshop facilitated by Chookensha Patricia Allen. Free admission."

Zen Gentle Sound Bath w/ Haji Basim

"Drench your body in decadent restorative movements and soothing music. Featuring beginner yoga postures done lying down, Zen Gentle is designed to gently explore the traditional meditative aspects of yogic movement. Expect to mindfully stretch the body through accessible poses with little to no resistance, utilizing blocks, straps and other yoga tools. Each Zen Gentle class is guided by a live musician specializing in jazz, folk or soul for an immersive sound-healing experience. This week's artist features International Urban Folk Artist, Haji Basim"

Rough Ground

"In describing the poetry of Sha’Ifa Mami Watu, the playwright Robert Bashiri Price wrote that, “In an age of lies and falsehoods, the truth becomes exotic…”. Rough Ground is that exotic place where truth crystallizes into something precious. It is a safe, creative space where dancers, visual artists, vocalists and indigenous drummers first workshop in their disciplines and then perform with the poet, interpretations of her poetry. It is a place where the truth of a single artist, becomes a collective story - retold by a community of artists. For workshop/concert participants and for the audience, Rough Ground recalls the past; it bears witness to the present; and it inspires us all to be active, creative stakeholders in the future of our shared planet.

There will be workshops free and open to the public to give community artists a chance to be a part of this collaborative performance."

Cuba Libre Night

"Come to enjoy with us an Authentic Cuban Night. Spinning the last Timba,reggaeton, and Son of the Island. 
Dj Reinier Calentando la Pista con lo Ultimo de la musica Cubana "

Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts

Tamara Zenobia: Vocal Sound Healer

I am a Vocal Intuitive Sound Healer. I work with people, helping them to develop their intuition to heal themselves body, mind and spirit through the power of their very own voice. By learning the concept of vocal toning, primal vocal patterns and intuitive insights we all have the ability to access a deeper level of healing for ourselves on all levels of our being.