Music Horoscope: 7 Albums To Listen to this Scorpio Season

The sign of Scorpio is notorious for ruling the cycles of life and death. It also offers you the opportunity for transformation in the form of rebirth. The combination of Venus retrograding through Scorpio (back into Libra) and Jupiter moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius creates a time of intense introspection. Venus retrograde brings an energy of reflection and gives you the chance to reassess your relationships to money, to other people and to the divine feminine. When Jupiter transitioned from Scorpio to Sagittarius on November , you received an element of expansion in you life. The inward-focused nature of Scorpio, providing a time where internal transformation and personal insights are at a height, allows you to let go of the past and plan for the future. Beware, your past relationships, out-dated belief systems, and self-destructive patterns are coming to the surface to be re-evaluated with an intensity that only the Pluto-ruled Scorpio provides.

Music is one of the deepest expressions of human emotion, and has the power to transmute an individual experience into a universal work of art. During this period of reflection, listening to the music of others has helped me process, feel and as serpentwithfeet said mourn. Here are seven albums serving all the feels and getting me through Scorpio season.

Moses Sumney, Aromaticism 


Maiah Manser, Second Skin

 Kelela, Take Me Apart

Sevdaliza, Ison

Blood Orange, Negro Swan

Teyona Taylor, K.T.S.E

serpentwithfeet, soil


Nina Simone, I Put A Spell On You

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