Full Moon in Virgo: Watering Seeds of Compassion

Image Description: A full moon during sunset over a landscape of trees.

Image Description: A full moon during sunset over a landscape of trees.

The sign of Aquarius is traditionally represented by the symbol of the water bearer.  A person who is pouring a seemingly endless flow of water from a carafe, feeding the roots beneath their feet, allowing their energy, ideas and creativity to flow in line with the energy of the universe. Aquarius is a free flowing stream that brings new opportunities, new thought patterns and new innovations. The soil that was diligently tilled in Capricorn season is fed and fertilized by the sweet water of Aquarius season.

Our transition from free-flowing Aquarius to consciously connected Pisces is marked by a powerful full moon in Virgo on February 19th — the first day of Pisces season. Aquarius season came and loosened up the soil, it allowed us the conviction to break negative thought patterns and to understand the need of letting go. This full moon in Virgo is the last push for us to completely let go, to release every aspect of ourselves that we no longer want to carry into the future.

The axis of Pisces Sun and Virgo moon represents the process of spiritual growth. The emotional release that comes with spiritual transformation is a process that allows us to cosmically surrender. The full moon in Virgo is asking us to clean, purge and let go of everything that stands in the way of our higher purpose. The Virgo-Pisces axis often represents our spiritual calling, the one that lives deep inside of us and subtly guides our deepest desires. Virgo asks us to clear the path and remove the limiting structures that obstruct us from connecting with the divine.

If Aquarius is free flow energy, Pisces is a pool of energy that holds immense power once we tap into it. Pisces is associated with spirituality because it represents our ability surrender to a higher power and the desire to merge with an energy greater than our own. The Virgo full moon is the stable and grounded energy we need to make the practical changes in our lives that allow us to heal.

Virgo is the maiden, born of water and earth who rises like a bud in the springtime, pushing us closer and closer to the warmth of the Aries season sun. Virgo moon is asking you to look within to sort through past trauma, negative thought patterns and residual toxicity. Now is the time to make peace with yourself, releasing your grasp on pain and fully embracing the energy of healing. Water every seed that you want to grow and pull every weed that doesn’t serve your highest good.


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