New Moon in Pisces: Healing Our Inner Wounds

The new moon in Pisces is the dreamer moon. It shines a light on our boundaries and allows us to discover where we meld with the larger energy of the universe.  We become keenly aware of where our boundaries are lacking; of where we have given our power away and in what ways we are stifling the dreams that live inside us, that yearn to be acknowledged.

It’s best if we use this time to develop our dreams by spending time envisioning the life we desire in vivid detail.  As we flow with Piscean energy, do the things that fill our hearts with joy and craft a dream-like destiny.  Visualize your dream-like destiny and design a mood-board, write in a journal, or create a collage. Crafting, and other activities, allows us to recognize the ways in which we may have stifled our dreams and it helps us to reconcile with our lost ambitions.

Pisces season can often highlight our inner wounds and we may feel extra sensitive and emotional during this time. Since this season shows how our perceptions may differ from our realities, we may be feeling uncomfortable sensations from cognitive dissonance.  If we are living a life that goes against our inherent desires, this feeling will intensify as our deepest wishes rise to the surface. Instead of emotionally shutting down (earth), rationalizing our reactions (air) or lashing out at others (fire) use this moment of vulnerability for reflection, visioning and creative dreaming. For those of us who are feeling extra tired, it’s an invitation from our body to enter the realm of dreams, to rest, recuperate and hydrate before the coming of the new astrological year.

Pisces moon has the power to dissolve our inner limitations, allowing us to envision a future with no borders, no walls, nor inhibitions. As we look forward to the beginning of a new astrological cycle on March 20th, with the start of the sun in “insinuatory” Aries, create a list of dreams to bring into reality this coming Aries season.  Let’s seize the power of unwavering belief in our potential to manifest our visions and dreams into our lives.