The Ways of the Desert: A Channelled Message From Spirit

Note: This is a channelled message I received this week while working with my spirit guides. Most of the time, I don’t publish the messages I receive because they tend to be more internally focused. This one was specifically meant to be shared with the souls that resonate with desert healing. The questions italicized are my own.


You must cast out all fear and prepare for the fire. The world is burning and will continue to burn until the daughters of water dance and the rains of our mother pour down. 

She is crying. She is crying out to us for us to listen. Many will pay for the sins of a few but those who follow the old ways will survive. Follow you voice till it leads you to the foot of the bed of your forefathers where you must listen to the steps they have made and the ones they could not bear to take. There you will learn what it takes to survive there you will learn what is needed to thrive. 

Your tribe is neither born of blood or region but soul groups brought together through collective migration. Do not let decedents of the lost persuade you to take arms against brothers of a different blood. It it only through the union of tribe and race that we will survive. 

The ways of the desert will be adopted by all peoples, begin to learn their ways and befriend their plants. They have power untapped, and knowledge unkept. We are in a time of transition, before the water bearer will rain down upon us. This is known as the desert period, where the rains will stop and the trees will dry. The people will wander for 40 days and 40 nights in search of water but will find none. Many will starve. 

What do we do ?

Create your oasis before the rains stop. plant your garden while the flowers still bloom. Study the plants of the desert and learn their secrets. 

Where do we go?

Go where there will be protection for you and your family. Go where you will be able to make your own rain and shape your own garden. Create an ecosystem you can live from. 

The desert will last for 40 years starting in 2019. The right to live will become a luxury. Remember your purpose and move with purpose. Your actions will need to be quick and decisive. 

What is the key to survival?

The key is to be ready. You must prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally for what is coming. There will be times of great sorrow that will need emotional stability. There will be times of great famine that will need physical discipline. There will be times of great spiritual attack where you will need strong spiritual resolve. There will be times of great chaos where you will need a cultivated sense of inner peace. these all take time and practice to master. Starting now will give you the ability to ride the coming waves. 

You are a channel for the divine you must assume this role when the time is right.

You will be called upon.

You must rise to the call. 

Yoga, meditation and prayer, these will all help.

The time has come my children, rise and resist.