Full Moon in Pisces: Dissolving Illusions and Building Foundations

This full moon in Pisces is on Friday, September 13th, at 11:28 PST is a time when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in Virgo. The energy of Virgo balances Pisces by offering a physical foundation for dreams and visions. The Virgo-Pisces axis is one that balances spiritual ability with spiritual practice. It’s the structure and routine that allows us to grow our spiritual abilities, while staying grounded in a daily practice. This is a period of time for reconstruction — when we survey which areas of our lives are built on bedrock and which are are built on sinking sand.

Pisces rules the dream time, the subconscious and the illusion. It represents the fantasies we create and the limitless possibilities of an unbridled imagination. Pisces is a beautifully sensitive sign. As we tap into its energy, we spin elaborate stories with subtle detail. For those of us with strong Pisces placements (like myself), it's important to have healthy outlets for our imaginations. Whether it’s art, theater, fiction writing, film making or oral storytelling, we have the gift of crafting stories that reveal our human experience. Our sensitivity to the physical and spiritual realm allows us to tap into the collective, and draw upon the energy around us to create harmony. We have the ability to create stories that evoke empathy. We are able to help others feel seen and heard when we draw upon this energy.  We can birth new creations.

Pisces envisions a world filled with beauty and peace. When the pain and ugliness confront us, Pisces helps us to retreat into our harmonious inner world. While this ability can assist us to create the future we desire, we need the balancing energy of Virgo to manifest it on the physical plane. Virgos attention to detail helps us ground our Piscean fantasies in reality. It gives us the timeline, the routine and framework to build our dreams. Virgo energy is a deep well. It’s the structure we draw from when we’re empty and pour into when we are full. We are in a time when the illusions around us are crumbling and the reality beneath the surface is being revealed. Every facade we’ve been preserving will begin dissolving this week. Our lesson is: we can’t hide behind a facade if there is no substance or structure behind it. Our insecurities and masquerades will be brought to light and shallow relationships will drop off. 

We are becoming keenly aware of the amount of energy we spend pretending to have it all together. What if we spent as much time on feeling good as well did on looking good? What if we prioritized mental health the way we prioritize physical appearance? Virgo’s practicality is asking us to pay attention to our health, our habits and our hidden insecurities. With Uranus in Taurus shaking our foundations and reinventing our systems, now is the time to re-evaluate the structure that makes up your identity. Is your personality a mask for your insecurities? The gentle waters of Pisces are here to assist us in facing our insecurities and the emotions around them. As we journal and meditate on the motivations behind our behaviors, we work on the emotional blocks that are preventing us from accepting ourselves. Finally, we focus more on the substance of our soul than the aesthetics of our lives. 

This moon is showing us that the appearance of perfection can only go so far. In order for us to have meaningful lives we need to release the idea that we need to be perfect. This moon is asking us to dive into our inner selves and take a critical look at the foundation that our identity is built upon. We are moving into a period where building a solid foundation, meaningful relationships and a strong sense of identity will be crucial for our survival. This means reprioritizing the way we spend our money from a keeping up with the Jones-Kardashians’ mindset. This means focusing on our health, instead of our weight. This means choosing a career that fulfills us physically and emotionally, not just financially. 

As we merge the creative vision of Pisces with the detailed execution of Virgo, we create the life we wish to live. Our deepest insecurities will be brought to the surface and we’ll see the ways we tried to hide them. This full moon in Pisces is asking us to face our illusions head on and consciously choose to work through them. This is a time where deep spiritual transformation can occur by working with these energies to dream the life we want to live.

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