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Death, Rebirth and Working with The Plant of Resurrection 

In preparation for the New Moon in Cancer I went to an herb shop to purchase supplies for a ritual. I was instantly drawn to a small, brown dried plant that resembled a tumble weed. I held it in my hand and felt it calling me. This plant is called the Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant. Native to the  deserts of Mexico, this plant is able survive years without water by shriveling up its leaves inside itself. When reactivated by water, this plant produces a beautiful green bloom that opens up and lays flat. The metaphor of death and rebirth that this plant possesses is a powerful lesson that I am in the process of learning.

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Intro to Altar Building

Building an altar allows you to connect to your ancestors, spirit guides and yourself. Whenever I would like to manifest something in my life I clear a space in my home and create an altar for it. Altars allow you to focus your energy and intention into a physical space, and serve as a daily reminder of that intention. Altars can also build a bridge between you and the spirit world, which is why they must be respected for the power that they hold. It’s important to maintain, cleanse and protect your altar space. Altar rituals are some of my favorite ways to manifest and connect with the spirit realm. 

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Rituals of Clarity: Seattle Sound Healing

Sound healing is a beautiful way to ground, center and heal yourself. Being able to participate in group sound healing events is an even more powerful experience. I am always on the lookout for sound healing experiences in Seattle and luckily there are quite a few happening this month. Here is my compilation of sound healing events happening in the city. 

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